In a moment…

A moment can change you forever. Talk to someone or walk away. Turn left or right. Pick up a paintbrush, attend a dance class, buy a book, get married, move to another country, write a book. The death of a loved one.

This blog is about moments. Some are funny, some are sad, some are forgotten and then remembered. There are also books by Nina and Duncan.

So, in a moment…

35 responses to “In a moment…

  1. thanks for sharing your moments…
    ciao lisa

  2. Oh Lisa…you are really inspiring/encouraging me! Thank you for this wonderful gift.

  3. Hi Nina, I found your site through Renovating Italy. I got teary over your posts about your Mum. My Mum is 87 and still with me. I cherish our time together. I too love Italy. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Ciao, Jan

  4. I am so happy to find your blog!
    I love travel and Italy!!
    How lovely that your dreams have come true.
    We have talked about the thought of moving to Italy, but just a pipe dream~
    Next trip we will have to check out Umbria.

  5. Those are three powerful words put together Nina. I have just read your blog post on Lisa’s website. It was lovely reading part of the story of your house renovation.

  6. Dear Nina, Me too! I’ve just read your story at Renovating Italy. I loved it. I love Umbria too. It stole my heart and I belong there still. I just need to make it permanent as you’ve done. Thank you for letting Lisa share your beautiful story. Janine

  7. Hi Janine, Thank you for your kind words and your lovely blog site!! I’m going to put it on my blog roll. Your photographs are wonderful. Thanks to Lisa, I’m ramping up again with stories and photos. I hope you can make it over permanently. It’s not easy (the whole story is in my book, The Field Stones of Umbria), but it’s so worth it. We’ll be in touch! -Nina

  8. Wow Nina I’m so happy to see familiar faces here, so many people just love your story and I think it is definitely time to ramp up!! To see such a lovely couple who have achieved dreams and so much more gives such a gift to those still chasing theirs. You have so many wonderful stories to tell and I think you could put together a book just of your gorgeous cats. With love lisa x

    PS have you seen the book The French Cat by Rachel Hale/ McKenna every time I see one of your images I think of this.

  9. Hello, Found your story on Renovating Italy. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you, Daniela. I look forward to seeing your site once it has been renovated! Looks very interesting!

  11. Hello Nina! I am indeed in Umbria. Having a wonderful time…. I would love to meet you. Please send me an email…It’s I hope we can find a half way point!!! I couldn’t find an email address for you. Possibly due to my excitment!

  12. hello – just discovered your blog through My Sardinian Life – looking forward to reading more about you and your life… love the idea of collecting moments and realising our life is made up of such moments. Thank you

  13. Ciao Nina,

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I look forward to more from you! Happy blogging.

  14. lindyloumacinitaly

    Very philosophical πŸ™‚

  15. Your writing is lovely…simply lovely. πŸ™‚

  16. Dear Nina, I am trying to send you emails, but all are coming back as a spam, please let me know if you got them in your spam box. thanks Katy

  17. Bonjour Nina,

    Your blog is lovely – i intend to sit somewhere quietly tomorrow and read it all from the beginning. Thank you for your kind words – we all need encouragement and to know we are not alone.



  18. Hi Nina – thanks for checking out my blog I’ve had a quick flick through yours and love what I’ve seen already. I’ll go back to the beginning and read everything properly though!

  19. Thank you for a wonderful blog of inspiration, depth and love. Happy New Year!

  20. Hi Nina,
    I just now finished reading your lovely book. I wanted to tell you just how much I enjoyed your stories and all your musings and insights. My husband and I just put a deposit on a place in the Centro in Umbertide. We hope to move in June or July. We also have two cats and, being cat lovers I enjoyed your tales about yours. My tears flowed about Vladimir because we have had to help three of ours overs the threshold over the years. A duty to them but so hard. Maybe once we move we can meet. I am friends with Susan Pohl, she wrote to you as well. I am chronicaling the details of our house hunt and move on my own new blog Take care and I’ll enjoy your photos and blog going forward! Nancy

    • How lovely that you read my book! I appreciate that so much! I’ve love to meet up with you when you get here! I’ll look up your blog and reply there as well. Let’s try to stay in touch.

  21. That’s a skillful answer to a diuffcilt question

  22. hello my friend..glad you moved to another country and drank a hot coffee with me, warmest hugs from the cold north of England xx

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