Torn together

I write about moments. Those fleeting windows of now…or never…or forever.

Those moments that change you, your loved ones, life.

A moment beyond our control. This one cruel, a rip in the fabric that can only be mended, never the same. Always visible. Always raw.

Followed by millions of moments that make no sense, have no cohesion, don’t add up to anything but chaos, fear, waiting.

Too torn to feel.

Seemingly too torn to heal.

Can’t reach out. No energy, no time, no space. So much darkness.

But out of the darkness, light must prevail. Is that not so?

My beloved ocean beckons me. Down to the sea I must go. Breathe in the salt air, hear the waves crash, become one with the timeless, relentless motion.

Go where you must. I’ll always be with you, no matter what form you take. It’s all right.

We’ll heal together.

4 responses to “Torn together

  1. This is so touching and beautiful. Touches my heart and soul.

  2. Love you so much, dear Nina. Wish I was there to hold you tight.

  3. Just returned from dinner with Ellen and Hal. Read your beautiful words. Breathtaking! More tomorrow.

  4. This beautiful, sad and courageous poem.
    These words go into a place within that knows of wrenching loss.
    And I cannot but wonder who has been torn from you so.
    In a moment that is right dear Nina please send a note.
    Always the ocean for me as well.. every tragic loss has propelled me to the sea; the in and out of waves –the rhythmic breath of the Mother.
    with love & compassion, Dalya

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