Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement

For me, movement is about waiting, anticipating that moment of movement.

21 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement

  1. Wow Nina that’s a fantastic photo. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. great photo ! Brava !

  3. Looking for the like button – I like your take on this weeks challenge.

  4. Mmmmm. Think I might just recognise the background here… but I’ve never seen them get up to anything quite like this!! Great shot Nina. xxxx

    • Yep, Janine. You guessed right. This was on a very cold day in March. I was waiting for my husband and suddenly the firemen started doing these practice jumps. It was pretty awesome. Miss you!

  5. WoW! Great addition to this weeks theme. I’ve just found your blog!

  6. What i love is the freezing of the movement! BRilliant xxx

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  8. I agree, that is a cool shot.

  9. lindyloumacinitaly

    Brilliant capture!

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