Her true love

Today would have been my mom’s 84th birthday. It’s the second birthday since her death, and some of the wind is still knocked out of my sails without her.

Thinking of her today, I remembered all that she loved, and there was a lot. Her family, her piano, her dancing, her ocean.

But most of all, her true love was her magnificent horse, Negro (the Spanish pronunciation “naygro” meaning black). She rode and jumped him with abandon, as she did life, up until she was about 74 years old.

These 3 photos were taken on her 70th birthday. Happy birthday, wherever you are, my sweet mamma.

8 responses to “Her true love

  1. A beautiful tribute for a beautiful mother, Nina.

  2. Oh how beautiful. I can see how much she loves Negro… they look made for one another. I’m reading the book “Wild” at the moment and continue to grow more and more appreciation for the process of living after mom passes on. I really adore your posts about your sweet mother Nina!

  3. Your mother certainly doesn’t look 70 in those photos – she looked like she was a very elegant woman and you can see the tenderness between her and Negro. ((hugs))

  4. Nina, I love the pictures of your mom! I see so much of you in her. My sister shares her birthday as well. Leos abound in my family too. Your blog is a beautiful journey!

  5. lindyloumacinitaly

    A lovely tribute to which I can empathise as my own Mum died just over a year ago and I miss her terribly.

  6. Sorry that you’ve lost your mom and I’m sorry to say that I can relate to that. Nice post.

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