Morning ritual

A friend has been posting a painting a day. Such inspiration to get creative! Her theme this month is coffee and tea. So, as a little tribute to her theme, this is my morning ritual…how I love cappuccino!

8 responses to “Morning ritual

  1. Well now you’ve given me new material… see how this works? ; )
    Loving painting everyday. What a total luxury that I have over 300 more paintings to do.

  2. I LOVE this Nina. I am a lover of coffee too and the small daily rituals that, in Italy especially, illuminate our days. You can make mu cappuccino any time! These look wonderful!!! xxx

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    • Wow!! Am I ever a lucky girl to be an inspiration to you, Niya, for once!! You are just toooooo special! I get dibs on this painting, yes??? Geesh, that makes at least four that I want by now… !! xoxo.

  4. I need one right now … 🙂

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