Breathing again

The greatest gift this birthday was the full moon, which brought my mother to me in its silvery light. I’m breathing again three years after her death; this is the first birthday I’ve wanted to celebrate since then. It’s just like her to know this and send the full moon to me.

P1010978Two years ago, I posted a piece about the gifts she had given to me on various birthdays (My birthday gift to you). This one tops the charts, for it’s the gift of getting my life back without the black hole that became my heart for too long. Life does go on with its pains and losses, joys and discoveries, and above all, with all the richness of color and living things that surround us if we take the time to look.

To breathe again is to take in the world and realize that this most precious thing we call life has been given to us…not to waste or rage against or try to obliterate. My birthday wish this year is the hope that the millions of people who don’t even come close to having what I have will be able to breathe one day and start to live.

10 responses to “Breathing again

  1. may she continue to shine on
    in your compassionate heart
    with each mindful breath

  2. Mothers occupy so much of our heart. Too often we don’t realize it until they are gone – leaving a huge black hole. Happy birthday and congratulations on getting your life back.

  3. This is beautiful! Hope you have a blessed peaceful birthday! Love, Margo

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  4. Your mom was so loved – happy birthday dear.


  5. Dearest Nina I’m so glad that you now can celebrate the full moon and the wonderful memories of your Mother, what a lovely way to connect with her and know she shines down on you always xx

  6. She does, Lisa. It’s more comfort than I thought possible, both in its light and constancy. After all, the moon will always be here, no?

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