Daily Prompt: Ingredients

What’s the one ingredient I can’t do without and why?

Olive oil. Because it’s the essence—soul, spirit, nature, heart—of life.


7 responses to “Daily Prompt: Ingredients

  1. Yes, with good Italian red wine coming in close 2nd.

  2. You’ve got that right, Ger!!

  3. Nina, I would happily give up many things but never olive oil. You are absolutely spot on! x

  4. Italian bread, still warm after baking in a wood-fired stone oven, dipped in olive oil–nothing could be finer!

  5. I remember going to a weight watchers meeting in the States and the leader suggesting a couple tablespoons of olive oil a day- the crowd couldnt figure out how in the world they could possibly use that much oil. I remember thinking they were nuts because olive oil goes well with everything! It is the essence of health. Great photo by the way.

  6. I love olive oil. I put some fresh twigs of rosemary in a bottle and fill it with virgin olive oil. Great for salads.

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