Death can be beautiful

For plants and trees, autumn means death, or at least hibernation. I don’t see autumn as death; I see it as a glorious transformation from one phase to the next.




7 responses to “Death can be beautiful

  1. Oh my gosh … these photographs are stunning. I can’t get enough of them. I think life’s beauties come out fully and richly just before they release to the next phase. Kind of makes the sacrifices of change seem attractive! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely thoughts and photographs.

  2. Thank you, Niya! I haven’t posted anything in ages…it’s time to get back into the swing. Your posts and all your creative work are my inspiration!! Can’t thank you enough. Got your email…will write immediately!

  3. Ah, that beautiful place – I long to see it again. My son Andy, wife and my granddaughter Olivia just returned from Italy last week, as her school, Choir School of the Madeliene, toured and performed there. Closest they got to you was Assisi, wit no private transportation. Would love to have them meet you and Pavel. Love, Ger

  4. Autumn is a beautiful time in Italy. Your photos are lovely.

  5. Oh dear Nina! I adore autumn in Umbria… I’m sure I’ve said that to you before 😉 It might be because I came to Italy for the first time one September and stayed as the colours changed. In fact I know it is… xox

  6. Dalya Miri (Charlene) Ralston

    Dear Nina, I was a psych student of Pavel’s at UCSC. 1972-74.Senior thesis with him. Spent great times in his home…a bit before you entered his life. He certainly had his cats then, also. My research is in one of his books re:nudes & individual preferences in art.He knows me by Charlene (Char) Siegel Ralston. We wrote each other for years esp around Dec.We ran into each other and spent a delightful entire afternoon together talking approx 12 years ago… actually on campus.(He was of course already living with you in Italy.) Just thinking of him this morning….typically talking w my husband about Cezanne. Can feel importance of getting in contact w him. My life is taking me now into painting. Am about the age when Pavel really began to paint. I really cherish him. I would love to know you. Wondering how his daughters are and how he is. Loved seeing his paintings on line just now. Amazing. I use my Hebrew name mostly now. Please could you & or Pavel possibly email me Andy and I moved… now living in Ashland, Oregon.Thank you so much, Dalya (Char)

    • Dear Dalya,

      What a wonderful comment and small world that you found me (Pavel) through my blog. I’ve forwarded your comment to Pavel, and I’ve noted your email. We will definitely be in touch! We’re off to Prague tomorrow so I’ll write from there. Thank you for getting in touch! Best, Nina.

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