My mother’s hands – a symbol of love

This week’s photo challenge is “symbol.” I don’t usually write much for these photo challenges because I think the photo should speak for itself. But we were also asked to tell the story behind the choice of our symbol.


My mother’s hands. The last time I saw her. We were sitting on her patio in San Miguel de Allende, July 2010.

These hands held me, caressed me, bathed me, massaged me, wrapped around my face, and held me when I was learning to swim. They brushed my hair, cooked food, tended flowers in the garden, held our kitties, stroked our dogs, and cared for her beloved horses.

They held castanets and ballet positions when we danced together. And they played her piano. Beautifully. They were poetry in motion.

They never once hurt me. They were living symbols of love. And when she was dying, I held her hands in mine and gave her back as much love as I could.

9 responses to “My mother’s hands – a symbol of love

  1. So beautiful!

    Love, Margo


  2. Annie Wade-Hansen

    So many thoughts go through my mind. The first thing is, how much I admire you,dearest Nina, for your writing skills and your fearless abandon when you express your feelings…it is a good thing. Your Mother must be very proud. Secondly, the accompanied photographs..At first, I didn’t notice her hands,which are in the left side of the picture, very gently exposing themselves…How very moving..They look as though they’re reaching out to you….yet another caress…You were so fortunate to have such a Mother..and it shows in the way you are today…. I love your blogs, Nina, thanks so much….Annie

  3. Oh Nina, this is such a beautiful tribute to your Mom. She was an amazing woman as are you. Love, Jacki

  4. Lovely tak eon the challenge! ❤

  5. Beautiful. May you, of course you will, carry your Mother with you always. Love, Roger

  6. Phyllis Leshin

    Forgive me my darling Nina. I am still somewhat computer illiterate so missed the link to your message. Now I can hardly type these words as the tears in my eyes cloud my vision. But I read the loving tribute to Jeanne and know that somewhere in time she is reaching out to you and touching your hands ….love has no boundaries. Your words are filled with so much love.

  7. Beautiful tribute to your lovely mother.

  8. Katie Peterson

    Nina, this is a beautiful post, and inspiring to me, as I’m lucky enough to still have my mother. I’m happy for you that you had this love with her. Love, Katie

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