Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

I grew up saying, “goodnight moon” before going to bed. But I never thought I’d say goodnight moon at 6:00 on a freezing January morning. I happened to wake up and look out the window to see the moon setting over the ridge.

This week’s photo challenge of dreaming is two-fold. The first is a photo that makes us dream, which the moon always does for me.

The second is a photo with a long exposure. Now, I’m shooting with a Lumix TZ3, a very small but powerful digital camera. I can’t “do long exposures” in the sense of an SLR or manual . However, I opened up the shutter speed and hand held the camera for this shot. See what you think.

10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

  1. Bravissima Nina ! Io non capisco la tecnica, ma il risultato è fantastico: la luce della luna è brillante, netta e fortissima. Complimenti.

  2. I have been so caught up on trying to create something with ‘long exposure’ that I ended the week with nothing. So glad you didn’t over think it. 🙂

    • Oh I agree…I was way too caught up on it until I realized I just couldn’t do what they suggested with my little camera! LOL. Can’t wait to see your next photo, Janna!

  3. lindyloumacinitaly

    What a lovely composition.

  4. Nina the more I look at this image the more I like it! It seems like the moon has come to earth to visit you!! xx
    ciao love lisa x

    • Oh Lisa, it felt like the moon (my mom) had come to visit. I had communed with her the night before at 10 pm when she was high in the sky. I had no idea I would see her the next morning as well, saying goodbye once again.

  5. Ciao Nina. I love the photo. The moonlight on the house, the branches, the colours, the shadows. Never mind the cell phone next to the bed, in Italy it’s the camera you need to keep handy!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Janine xx

  6. And you, too, Janine! So wish you were here. It’s still hot, hot, hot but we know that all too soon it will be -4 C again at night for months…we’re enjoying the heat.

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