The last firefly

It’s mid-summer. The season is changing. I felt it this morning all of a sudden, a bit like seeing sheep on the hillside that don’t seem to move, but you look again and they’re in an entirely different spot.

But yes, of course. The sunflowers are drooping their poor heads and the wheat has been rolled.

The shadows are longer in the afternoons.

And this morning, our last firefly. I hope he had a good night, blinking his last blinks. I’m sure he sparkled for weeks, but his reason for being has been accomplished.  Farewell little one. Summer moves on.

7 responses to “The last firefly

  1. Its not going to be a looooong hot summer like last year then?

  2. Nina!! What a gorgeous, melancholy post. It seems absurd to hear you talking about the summer moving on after the intensity of the heat we lived through in the last days of June. And yet it must. I remember you spoke with such delight about your fireflies at the house. You’ve rekindled a lovely memory for me of that day!! Grazie cara. x

    • Never said it was cooling off! Just the season is moving on. It’s still blazingly hot here. Hottest summer (and longest heat) since 2003. That was a lovely day in Montone! I hope we get to do it again soon! xoxo.

  3. I saw fireflies for the first time this year in Bagni di Lucca, they are delightful! I am not usually there in summer but I stayed a bit longer this year. I don’t like the heat, but I do like the things that happen in summer.

  4. lindyloumacinitaly

    I am surprised the fireflies are over for the season already.

    • A lot of things are early this year due to the heat, I think. Our lavender is already way past bloom and drying up. But I think the fireflies are usually gone by mid-July here in our valley. That’s how I know we’re in mid-summer…

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