Cat tales – the things we do for love

So much for crocheting that afghan. Recently, I discovered what Piero had been up to for the last few weeks. It’s not a pretty sight.


When I carried him upstairs and asked him what he thought he was doing, he looked at me and ‘told me’ that he did it for love.



And then I melted when I saw what he meant.


4 responses to “Cat tales – the things we do for love

  1. Life is full of amazing little discoveries and moments like these Nina. Your cats would be the luckiest, most loved I know…xox

  2. This is so true… Rick is up at 4 am to feed our Reuben, because “he likes his breakfast early”….we know who calls the shots in our houses….

  3. awww who could resist such purring love??
    gorgeous, xxx

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